Smart Tech

Out next generation digital marketing automation platform allows access to limitless worldwide supply with efficient programmatic bidding and higher ROI campaigns. Within just few minutes & clicks you can get access to millions of target audience.

World at your Fingertips

Extensive Ad Supply for higher target audience engagement at every digital touchpoint across mobile and desktop. Your campaigns’ global scalability is promised. With 1000+ global partnered apps and premium ad inventories, you’ll gain traffic covering 200+ countries and regions


Innovative Ad Formats coupled with data-driven targeting ensures accurate targeting & compelling call to action, thus delivering faster business results with best campaign ROIs. Text, Image, Video or mix ad type, you name it, we have it.

Anti Fraud Protection

Use of advanced algorithms for Auto detection of low CR (conversion rate) and avoidance of post back frauds ensures 100% Ad-Fraud protection. In addition to this we deprioritize/block networks that rank low on our network validation parameters so that we give you only the best, and nothing less.

Easy Billing & Accounting

Single window billing instead of multi billing across multi advertiser network makes simplified revenue earning a cake walk

Earn more revenue through Best Pay Intelligence

Our automated digital marketing platform is an advanced self learning platform that optimises SSP & DSP connections for highest eCPCs thus giving the best ROI to Developers and Publishers

Prompt Payments

We believe in delivering quick and hassle free financial transactions, thus delivering trust in our ever increasing SSP network.

Ad-Innovation & Higher user Engagement

Innovative Ad Formats coupled with data-driven targeting ensures accurate targeting & compelling call to action, thus delivering higher user engagement with lowest possible intrusion for your website/games/apps.


GoDigital offers all possible business models to suite your budgets and campaign requirements with most competitive rates.


Cost per thousand Impressions.The advertisers pay for the number of times an ad is shown.


Cost per click Advertising. The advertiser pays when a click is made on an ad.


Cost per Download. Pay only when the app is downloaded


Cost per Install. Advertiser pays on app installation.


Cost per Registration: Pay per complete registration with the site/App


Cost per Sale. Pay per complete sale


Cost per Lead, meaning that the advertiser pays when a lead form is completed and submitted.

ORM Services

We follow an exclusive and holistic approach towards online reputation management services with a vision to reverse negative image to a positive one and also help you keep a good reputation in the market.

Content Marketing

Content is the vital sales tool to transform readers into customers. We provide customised content marketing packages to attract, educate, and convert the potential traffic.

Product Branding

Good branding escalates the value of a company, provides customers with direction and motivation, and a clear idea of what to expect. We do it seamlessly.

Localisation Leadership

For us, localisation is about cultural interpretation and cultural conversion and goes far beyond language translation.

Ecommerce & Apps

We have created several unique and interactive e-commerce marketing strategy for our existing clients.

Display Marketing

Beyond the utilization of programmatic display technologies our team manually optimizes each display campaign to meet advertising satisfaction.


Go Digital caters to a range of SEO services, including local and global SEO. Let us find out the best SEO solution best suited for your business.


We offer an extensive range of social media services, like account management and monitoring, content marketing, influencer outreach and social media advertising.


We make sure that ads reach your customers at their most vulnerable time when they are geared to buy or are still in thinking about them.

Email Marketing

Choose our customized templates with the easiest options of drag and drop. Add image, text, social buttons & brand name to create a unique business email so that you get recognized more impactfully.

Why Our Services?

Beacuse we can create your growth strategy like no other!
The Client-Centred Approach
The Client-Centred Approach
The Client-Centred Approach
Our approach is tailored to getting the best for each and every client from every single campaign. Every client’s requirement is unique and we believe each client needs to be treated that way in order to get the best results.
Client Care
Client Care
Client Care
We realise the importance of excellent client care and provide different contact points throughout the company who can help you with the various queries which may appear as part of a campaign.
Delivering ROI
Delivering ROI
Delivering ROI
Our focus is always on how we can help improve your business as well as identifying how your digital marketing strategy can help you achieve that goal.
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